Freewire Connect

More coverage, less headaches.

Managed Wi-Fi

Comprehensive Coverage

Our Wi-Fi experts gauge the requirements of your location and ensure optimal signal strength in your office, warehouse, corporate campus, outdoor facility or school. Your employees will enjoy complete mobility without fear of losing connectivity.

Reduce Cost

Equipment, deployment, software upgrades, maintenance and 24/7 monitoring are all included as an operating expense. Bottom line, your business saves money by utilizing Freewire’s Wi-Fi as a service model.

Unparalleled Confidence

We monitor, configure and manage all your devices 24/7 from our experienced Network Operations Center (NOC), mitigating the need to dedicate extra resources to Wi-Fi operations. You’re able to run your business with the peace of mind that your employees are connected.

Superior Configurations

Our Wi-Fi configurations are customized to your business, making deployments scalable and personalized to fit your needs. If connectivity is important to your business, Freewire is ready to develop a custom solution. Enterprise grade Wi-Fi, superior engineering.

Managed Switching and Routing

Freewire managed switches, and firewall capable routers provide your business with unparalleled customization. Our engineers can configure a personalized system that allows your business policies to dictate the access to critical information, drive communication between devices, develop robust security protocols, and either host your server, or utilize a co-location. Experience complete control over your network, while reducing cost by mitigating the need for extra IT resources.

Property Owners

Freewire Managed Services add value to every property where they are deployed. If you are a building owner or facilities manager, consider a complete connectivity solution as Freewire manages and monitors your entire connection ecosystem. Our solutions offer connectivity and convenience, while drastically reducing costs. Fast and easy deployment makes Freewire ideal for providing connectivity for all property types.

Event Wi-Fi

Temporary event, complete coverage.

Ample bandwidth

Freewire brings the bandwidth. Our team can quickly increase your event’s bandwidth and provide a dedicated line separate from the venue’s connection. We ensure that your bandwidth matches the needs of your event, so you can be confident that all attendees will enjoy constant connectivity.

Internet at your fingertips

Freewire’s event Wi-Fi brings you connectivity on your terms. We build a package that is specifically catered to the needs of your event. From bandwidth increases and custom configurations to rapid deployment, Freewire brings your event connectivity without the headache.

Managed Wi-Fi Solution Brief Download

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