Fixed Wireless

A path less traveled.

A Truly Diverse Route

Freewire provides dedicated Internet connectivity through a secure microwave link. We connect your business to mission critical information through a truly diverse path that can’t be impacted by cuts, cable failures, or issues with multiple connections within a single underground pipe.

Guaranteed Uptime

All Freewire Fixed Wireless links include a Service Level Agreement with guaranteed 99.99% uptime. Your business can rest easy knowing that our microwave technology will deliver a symmetrical, stable connection that supports everything from VoIP and streaming video, to cloud computing and VPN tunnels.

Deployment Expertise

It’s no accident that Freewire is the largest Fixed Wireless provider in the Northwest. Businesses continually trust Freewire’s experience and expertise to deliver fast (even same day) deployment.

Professional Connection Management

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) located in Portland, OR provides 24/7 end-to-end monitoring of your entire connectivity path. In the event of connection degradation, our highly trained field operations team provides on-site support to your location.

Fixed Wireless Solution Brief Download

See why companies continually choose Freewire to keep their business connected.

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